Friday, December 31, 2004

Best thing any of us can do to ring in the new year is try to help the tsunami survivors's how:

Doctors Without Borders provides medical assistance and assistance with clean water and sanitation systems. You can donate online here.

Telecoms San Frontieres brings satellite phone lines and other communications equipment to help other relief organizations get organized. Send donations to: Télécoms sans Frontières20, Avenue Garcia Lorca64000 Pau France

Mercy Corps is efficient at converting donated dollars into aid, and they already had people in Sumatra. They supply food supplies, shelters, and medicine. You can contribute online here.

Red Cross and Red Crescent, whose online donation thingy allows you to target your contribution.

Oxfam is another terrific group, who so far seem mostly to be involved in getting injured people proper medical attention. You can donate to their Asian relief efforts here.

CARE, meanwhile, is already feeding about 14,000 people in the hardest-hit parts of Sri Lanka. You can help them keep survivors properly fed here.