Monday, August 25, 2003

Crusaders in Alabama

Judge Roy Moore and Governor Bob Riley are two Alabama crusaders. One is fighting to keep a 5,300-pound stone monument of the Ten Commandments installed in the Alabama Judicial Building; the other is fighting to save Alabama from financial ruin. Like good Southern Baptists who believe in the "priesthood of all believers," both men have proudly and publicly cited their personal faith as motivation for their public actions. Moore says the controversial monument must stay as an acknowledgment of God's influence on the moral foundation of American law; Riley says the tax burden must be lifted from the shoulders of the poor and laid more heavily upon the wealthy because it's the "Christian thing to do." Unfortunately, it seems the crusade to save the stone monument has excited more passions and garnered more support among Christian leaders than the crusade to help the poor and needy of Alabama.

But why is that?

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